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Interview – Suzanne Jongmans

15. October 2019

Interview – Suzanne Jongmans

15. October 2019 Katharina

Hello, great to see you. Are you familiar with this: you see art and wonder what the artist might be like? I always find it fascinating how artists find their ideas. Even better for us when we get the chance to meet the artist, today it is Suzanne Jongmans. For the next two weeks, we will get to know her art better.

1 Moncler Pierpaolo Piccioli, Suzanne Jongmans

Katharina: Dear Suzanne, was there a moment when you decided to become an artist?

Suzanne: Creating and crafting has always been a part of my life since I was a child. When I studied at the art academy, I did not have a plan. It was after I sold my first work of art that I realized I also could sell my art and make a living out of it.

Katharina: Yes, the good things often develop in time. And how did it come about that you chose photography and not for example painting?

Closure, Mind Over Matter, Suzanne Jongmans

Suzanne: It was at art school, I made site pacific installations using all kind of materials. Also photography. One time a photography teacher said, you have a sharp eye, why not follow my course for a while.

Katharina: I feel that your works are also about the ‘sharp eye’. You ask us to look closely at the women. Then we see that the women are wearing particular materials. Why do you for example use plastice as a veil?

Suzanne: All materials speak to me. This could be something like ‘waste materials’, foam, plastics. Every material has a story to it, used before, lost, found. Such as the things I find in nature, dried leaves, moss.

Katharina: These materials are from our present time. But the women remind me of a former time. Why do you refer to the past? 

Undivided Attention, Kindred Spirits, Suzanne Jongmans

Suzanne: The era I refer to, is a time when things where slower. No phones, television, pictures, no stores. Things where made by hand. This is a time we all know or have seen without have being there. You can feel the calm of the person being painted. I think this is the moment when good ideas are born and inspiration occurs when the mind has been quieted for a while. We have to have these moments even more nowadays, with so much input coming from anywhere.

Katharina: Dear Suzanne, it was a pleasure to talk with you. Your photographs as well as your thoughts leave me very quiet and happy. If you want to see more of Suzanne’s art works visit her website or the website of the Galerie Wilms

Suzanne Jongmans will be releasing a new book with her works. To finance this, the Galerie Wilms is selling two special editions. The photographs are stunningly beautiful. For more Information contact Galerie Wilms under:


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