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Merve Özaslan

4. November 2019

Merve Özaslan

4. November 2019 Katharina

Welcome to our interview with the Merve Özaslan. For the next two weeks, we will get to know her art better.

Merve was born in Istanbul. In 2010 she graduated as a ceramic artist from the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul.

After she designed her own ceramic jewellery, she started in 2012 with the collages which we will have a closer look at in the next time.

Today, we talk with her about her collages, her ideas and her favourite art work.


Katharina: Dear Merve, you are an educated ceramic artist. Is there a connection between your ceramic works and later collages?

Merve: Yes, there is. In my old works there was also a link to nature. I believe in the idea, not the material. So I can work with paper, metal, clay or something different. 


Fun, Merve Özaslan

Katharina: So it is particular the idea, the closeness to nature, that is important to your work. No matter whether you work with ceramic or collages.

Let us have a closer look at your collages. We see there various coloured parts. There are the grey parts from the original photographs. And then we have the coloured parts where you have added some photos from nature. So what does nature mean to you?

Merve: Every day goes by the same boredom. I think this is the result of getting away from nature day by day. But it is important to be with nature. Because we are a part of it.

Favourite Work

Play, Merve Özaslan

Katharina: In your photographs you somehow remind us that nature is too far away from our grey world.

And at the same time, you wish us to come closer to nature again. Just like the figures in your pictures do. Is there one of your works you feel particularily attached to?

Merve: The collage called ‘Play’ is one of my favourite works. We often see asphalt and grey in this collage. But I believe that children’s imagination deserves better than that. I placed the scene I wanted to see while she is playing. To show how colourful a child’s world can be.

Katharina: This is beautiful. I think it really looks like she is jumping in her own world. Maybe at a place on the beach, close to the sea. And the grey world around her doesn’t matter to her. Her smile, her joy is really catching.

Dear Merve, it was a great pleasure talking to you. I am very excited to present your works and have a closer look at them. It will also be interesting to compare them with other works from art history.

For now, I can recommond Merve’s website where you already can have a look at her fantastic works.

And to you all, have a lovely day.


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