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Love’s Silence

17. November 2019

Love’s Silence

17. November 2019 Katharina

Welcome to our new post. Today, we take a closer look at the paintings by Jarek Puczel. We will ask what characterises Jarek Puczel’s art and see that there is one feeling we meet often in his art, and that is love.

Meeting Point

Escape to Life, Jarek Puczel

In the radio programme they announced their evening programme today with the following words: Listen to our programme, switch off the TV and smartphone, enjoy the silence around you. I hesitated, when was the last time I experienced silence? Maybe when I looked at a book with my daughter.

Silence in such everyday moments, this is what we meet in Jarek Puczel’s paintings. In these silent moments stories unfold, stories that could also be ours.

Painting and Photography

Women seen from behind. We have seen this in the photographs by Brooke Shaden and in the photocollages by Merve Özaslan. With these art works we have learned that such back figures guide our gaze into the picture. Furthermore, we look with them together at the picture’s content.

Distant View, Jarek Puczel

In Jarek Puczel’s paintings we also encounter women seen from behind. These paintings remind us of photographs. Then we discover something: Shapes of the landscape as well as its colour appear on the women. They become one with the nature we are looking together with her at. Why? Maybe because they love nature very much.

Come into the Cinema

From nature love to the cinema, let us take this jump. The next series of paintings show us a cinema situation. On the screen a movie plays.

But then, when we just think about the movie, we realise: something is different here. In every painting some black figures from the audience cover our view partly on the screen. Some of them watch the movie as we expect but others stand up and talk to each other.

Immediately, we ask ourselves what is happening here. And then, a new story starts. Not the story on the screen catches our attention but the one of its audience, too.

In these paintings, Jarek Puczel takes his paintings close to movies. At the same time, he adds another story to his paintings, namely the stories of the movie’s audience. They can be about the love for the cinema or the love for each other.

Alone and Together

A woman lies in bed. Another one writes something down. These paintings might not remember us so much of photographs. Because Jarek Puczel has left traces of his brushstroke in them. The woman’s hair is made with thick strokes. Behind the writing woman there are brushstrokes on the wall.

And then there is the series where figurative meets abstract painting. In this series consisting of six paintings, we encounter a love couple. We see how they come closer, how they stay together and how they separate in the end.

Lovers (2), Jarek Puczel

The paintings tell a love story. They reveal these two lovers and at the same time, with the abstract parts, a shelter is build around them. We can follow their story but still a certain privacy is kept around them.

And maybe this counts for most of the figures we encounter in Jarek Puczel’s paintings. We meet them in silence, then we hear their (love-)story, painting brushstrokes leave their marks and then everything becomes silent again.


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