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The Woman and Her Anchor

23. January 2020

The Woman and Her Anchor

23. January 2020 Katharina

Hello and a warm welcome to you. Today it is about a particular photography by Simone Betz. Carola, a dear reader of Art Companion, has chosen this work and will share with us her throughts about it. So, here comes Carola with her favourite art work.

What do I see?

At first, the anchor above the clouds catches my eye. It should be in the water, tied to a big ship and give it some hold. But here it carries a woman.

Anchor, Simone Betz

What is the woman doing?

The woman in her red evening dress has laid her arms around the swinging anchor. She does this in a rather elegant way, she seems to be far away from being scared or cramped.

I ask myself…

Who carries here whom? Does the anchor hold the woman or does she carry the anchor? Although it really looks heavy.

This is how I read the picture:

The red dress symbolises to me self-confidence, passion and love. The woman on the anchor looks as if she knows what she wants and what not. She can cope with every situation, because she has found her anchor – in herself and maybe also in love.

Dear Carola, thank you so much for your beautiful observations and thoughts. Thank you for sharing with us your favourite art work. You find more of the photographs by Simone Betz on her website.

Would you also like to share with us your favourite art work? Then you are very welcome to contact us under We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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