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24. January 2020


24. January 2020 Katharina

Hallo and good to see you. Today, we look at two paintings by the American artist Ron Hicks. This means, we are going to read two love stories.

Meeting Point

How often does something happen spontaneously in your life?

I like it when things are planned. Then I can look forward to them. But then again, there are less surprises. As for example, when you meet someone spontaneously, someone you care about.

Ron Hicks’ paintings made me think about this. In them, couples meet, sometimes by chance. And these stories are in particular beautiful. Let us have a look at them with the following questions:

  1. Where are the couples?
  2. What do the compositions tell us about the lovers?
  3. How much spontaneity do we need?
Love on the Road, Ron Hicks

Where are the couples?

In our last art match, we talked about how a photography captures one moment. With the painting ‘Love on the Road’ it is similar. It shows us just the moment where two cars pass each other and stop for an instant.

Welcome Advance, Ron Hicks

The woman and man remain in their cars but meet in the middle. And there they exchange a kiss.

We can see a longer and less spontaneous kiss in the painting ‘Welcome Advance’. Two dark cothed figures stand on a bridge. Maybe they came each from one side and met in the middle for the kiss.

What do the compositions tell us about the lovers?


We call the way an artist positions the figures and objects in his painting composition. Let us take the picture ‘Welcome Advance’. In front of the light, horizontal bridge, stands the dark dressed couple. But what if we compare the lovers with the columns of the bridge?

Yes, they resemble each other in so far that both present a vertical line. As strong as these columns, made out of stone, as strong is this couple. Closely embracing and kissing.

Love on the Road, Ron Hicks

In ‘Love on the Road’ the cars and the couple are positioned in the foreground of the painting.

Thus, they appear just on the edge between image and our viewer’s room. They connect these two rooms. The woman seems to drive towards us while the man takes the other direction.

This composition highlights the spontaneity of the couple’s encounter. Because both are on their way to various places.

How much spontaneity do we need?

Welcome Advance, Ron Hicks

Two love stories. They are about love that is strong as a bridge and love that makes spontaneous encounters happen.

The paintings show us what we need: such fleeting encounters that make us pause for a moment as well as encounters where we can linger and forget about time.

No matter how much you have planned for today, I wish you that it becomes a very good day. And I am looking forward to meeting you here again.

If you like, visit Ron Hicks’ website and have a look at his fantastic other paintings.


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