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Welcome to Art Companion. I am happy that you are here. But wait, who is happy and what means ‘here’? I am Katharina and here we will walk together the path from the art work to its interpretation, its story. And most likely, it will be a story about us, too.

Who is Katharina?

The video tells you about what I like – surprises, new places and being happy. I find these things among others in art. That was why I decided to study art history. After some fantastic years and a phd thesis, I decided not to continue working in the university world. The birth of my daughter also influenced this decision. Because being a mother has changed me. In particular, it has made me more brave and open for new directions in life.

Since January 2019 I work on the blog Art Companion. It has changed its name, its appearance and content, However, now it has arrived at a point that I feel very comfortable with. And it is from this point that I want to start looking together with you at art.

What kind of art are we looking at?

You find here works by contemporary artists. I get into contact with each of them and try to make an interview. But you also see that contemporary art does not exist isolated in the art world.

We discover connections with older art works. Then we see that also these works can be of some interest to us. Invisible threads connect art with art from various times. Similiar topics, different ways of depicting them. But we discover how older art works tell stories that also can have something to do with us.

How do we proceed?

On the path that starts at an art work we find some marks. They are made by questions. These come first: Why should I look at art and what shall I do once I look at it? Most of us might be familiar with these questions. I am at least. And to pose them it crucial. It is just a pity when one does not search for an answer.

We do not want to steer clear of art. We walk directly towards it. When we then stand in front of it, we listen to our thoughts and feelings step by step. And then suddenly, we have already arrived at an interpretation, we detect a story that can also belong to us.

At this point, I want to wish you a fantastic time here on this blog. And most of all, I wish that we collect many stories that have something to do with us and that touches us. Then we gather some answers to our questions. But still, we continue to ask ‘What do we do with art?’ and continue to look at it together.


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